All in Vocal Arts

Jury Time

It’s Jury Week! This week can be considered the most stressful time of the year, but it can also be a chance to decompress if you do it right. Juries are a way for the faculty to evaluate your progress from the beginning of the year to now. 

Coaching 101

Pre-Juilliard, many students haven’t ever had a coaching before, and some have had a lot. Coachings are great ways to add depth and artistry to your piece, and they give you another perspective on how to look at what it is you’re singing. I made a short clip of one of my coachings this week with David Moody where I brought in a new aria for us to work on!

First-Year Songbook

This past week the first-year singers at Juilliard performed in our First-Year Songbook! This was our last performance of the year and it went wonderfully. We had a great audience, and a lot of us had family coming in from out of state to see us perform!

Prepping for Songbook

As first-year students, we have three guaranteed performance opportunities: the First-Year Presentation at the end of the fall semester, an opera chorus, and the First-Year Songbook at the end of the spring semester. This week we’re going to be performing our Songbook!

Points of Interest

Before I came to Juilliard, I was very concerned about how different it would feel from home. I come from the suburbs, so I’m used to getting in the car and going to Target to get my groceries. I had no idea what sort of “points of interest” were in the Upper West Side, but thankfully I discovered some great places that feel just like home.

A Singer's Practice

As a singer, I like to keep my practice sessions as efficient as possible, because I can’t practice as long as an instrumentalist! My practice sessions usually include a long warm up, technique work, language/IPA work, and a lot of practice on my pieces. I always like to include a “cool down” as well!

Coming Up Next...

It’s been a busy week here! We just had our final dress rehearsal for La Sonnambula, this year’s Met+Juilliard production. We started rehearsals in December, and we open this week! It’s in a concert style, so we have our music with us and there isn’t much staging.

It's Audition Season

Audition season is in full swing, and your Juilliard audition isn’t far off! Congrats!! Passing your prescreen is already a huge accomplishment, and now you get to come to the big city to audition for Juilliard! Hooray!

Singers and Snow

As most everyone on the east coast knows, Winter Storm Jonas was in full swing this past weekend. Most Juilliard students took a bit of time out of their crazy schedules to play in the winter wonderland!

Semester 2

And we’re back! It was great to have three weeks to sleep and bake all the time, and now I’m recharged ready to get back to work. I’m so excited for everything that’s coming up in the Vocal Arts department this Semester!

Opera! The first year singers are all a part of the chorus of La Sonnambula, a Bellini opera about a sleepwalker in a Swiss village...

Semester 1

It’s already the end of my first semester here at Juilliard! It definitely flew by, but they’ve kept me very busy the whole time. This past Tuesday was the First Year Presentation, and all of the first year singers finally got to perform what we’ve been working on since September.

Relax and Focus

With the end of the semester drawing near, it can be hard for Juilliard students to stay focused, especially right after coming back from a break. It can feel like everything is suddenly coming at you at once! 

My Journey to Juilliard

I never saw myself going into anything but the arts, and I can’t remember a time in my life when singing wasn’t important to me. I grew up singing in church every week, and I was raised on Disney musicals, ABBA, The Dixie Chicks, and Celine Dion. 

Singers Have Homework???

When I was applying to conservatories, I kept wondering what the daily workload of a singer would be. What kind of homework would I even have? Once I came to Juilliard, I quickly learned what the work of a singer entails.

How Can I Keep from Singing?

Something I heard often while I was applying to different schools was “Juilliard doesn’t have performance opportunities for first years; you won’t really be able to sing at all your first year.” And while they were all well-intentioned, they were certainly not right about that.

My Juilliard Debut

Juilliard promised there would be ample performing opportunities, and it didn’t take long for them to deliver. I recently played in my first public performance at Juilliard as part of the Liederabend series in Paul hall, and it was an awesome experience.