All in Music

One Year on the Books

At the end of last semester, I tallied up what I had accomplished by the numbers. I could do the same for the entire year—I could count how many hours I’ve practiced, sonatas I’ve learned, concerts I’ve played, but what I’ve learned in one year at Juilliard amounts to so much more than that.

This Year in Review

Here is a list of all the music I played this year; It is a combination of Juilliard Orchestra, Lab Orchestra, New York Youth Symphony, Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, Rep Class, New Juilliard Ensemble, AXIOM, gigs, chamber music recitals, friends’ recitals, and lessons (some orchestral works I played more than once). 

In the Neighborhood

I spend a lot of time talking about what life is like inside this building, but what about outside? Juilliard’s location on the Upper West Side makes it a prime spot in for food, shopping, and entertainment. Check out some of my favorite spots to hang out in in the neighborhood when I’m on a practice break!

Why I Chose Juilliard

Enrolling at Juilliard has been one of the best decisions I’ve made, and I wouldn’t change it for anything. Here are my top five reasons I chose to come here:

Life Below the Stage

One of my favorite things about Juilliard is the fact that we have three divisions—music, drama, and dance—all under the same roof. Although our training in our respective fields is so specific and we spend many hours each day studying our own art forms, Juilliard provides some amazing opportunities for collaboration. 

Spring Break in Europe!

I’ve never been so happily jetlagged.

Over Spring Break, I was lucky enough to get to travel to Dublin and London with three singers from Juilliard as part of a project called Drums and Guns, a combination of poetry and song to commemorate the centennial of the Easter Rising in Ireland and World War I. 

What I Did Over Spring Break

The great thing about Juilliard is that our spring break is two weeks long! I am so grateful for that, and it certainly went by way too fast.  The first week I stayed in New York and worked during audition week; it was a lot of fun getting to meet new people and see what it is like behind the scenes.  

Words of Advice

'Tis the season for auditions! If you're coming to audition for Juilliard next week, congratulations—you are so close to being done with what I know can be a nerve wracking process. Instead of writing a regular blog, here's a video with some words of advice from someone who went through all of that a year ago. Good luck, and I hope you crush it next week!

How I Practice

Practice: we all have to do it. We spend hours with our instruments trying to somehow walk out of the practice room as a better musician than when we walked in, but chances are, there will be a little frustration along the way. Here are some tips I’ve gathered from teachers, fellow musicians, and my own experiences that have made my practice sessions a lot more productive and fulfilling.

Performance Prep

Spring semester is always packed with performing opportunities for collaborative piano majors at Juilliard, with degree recitals, auditions, and juries all on the horizon. My schedule is no exception, and I am so excited about all of the performing I’ll be doing over the next few months.

A Semi-Productive Snow Day

With a blizzard warning and travel ban throughout New York City on Saturday, I was stuck in my apartment for the day. And if I couldn’t get to school, I couldn’t practice. I’m all about taking days off, but considering I have two concerts coming up this week, I was a little worried about this one. Turns out, it was probably a really good thing that I couldn’t get to a piano that day.

New Year, New Repertoire

I’m learning a LOT of new repertoire right now, which is a part of the preparation process I really enjoy. Going through and trying to internalize a piece note by note can be tedious, but there are so many mini-discoveries that happen along the way. 

Happy Holidays

Earlier this month, just as I was running from my practice room to my next class, I looked out into the lobby at Juilliard to see an enormous Christmas tree that seemingly appeared via magic. In the craziness of the semester, I had almost forgotten that the holidays were upon us! 

A Semester in Review

Whew! How are we already in December?! It seems like I just moved to New York, and now the semester is already beginning to wind down. There’s still a little over a week of classes left and final exams after that, but fortunately for me, most of my major performances and projects are already finished. 

Game Face

One of my teachers always reminds me that musicians are professional athletes. We train and train and train so that we can run the marathon that is a live performance. With that in mind, every time I need to accomplish a task during hectic times like this, I like to think of putting my game face on.