What a School!

What a School!

This weekend has taught me how amazing my schoolmates are...

First, I managed to experience Mozart's opera "Die Zauberflöte" ("The Magic Flute").

It was basically an opera about two men on a journey to save the Queen's daughter from an evil sorceror. The entire opera was in German, and I have to say, the performers' accents were pretty on point! Having taken a year or two of German in high school, I consider myself an expert.

(Ok, I'm not quite as cool as Prince, but I'd like to think I am. Also, RIP to a legendary artist.)

There was passion.

 There was romance.

There was humor.

There was even some breakdancing!

This actually happened in the first Act... I'm not joking.

Speaking of dancing, I also was able to see this year's installment of Juilliard's Annual Senior Dance Production. In a word, it was INTERSTELLAR!

Watching each piece was like transporting to a different planet. The pieces were so different, yet equally as captivating. It made me realize how creative and skilled my fellow Juilliard schoolmates are. I can't even really put into words how cool it was to see students dancing to student compositions.

(I'm sure every Juilliard dancer can do this...)

You're probably asking, "Jeff, how do you possibly have time to see all these productions?!"

Well, I am a Juilliard concert usher, so getting paid while seeing your schoolmates create masterpieces is a pretty nice perk!

Maybe one day I'll see you at a Juilliard production, as an usher, audience member or both! ;)


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