One Year After Juilliard

One Year After Juilliard

Jeffery Duffy
Class of 2015

Favorite spot at school?

Studio 323!

What are you doing one year after school?

I am a dancer at Hubbard Street Dance Chicago and I’m a gyrotonic instructor. It hasn’t been a full year since graduation so I’m looking forward to see what else might happen in the year.

Chicago or New York?

They are just different. Chicago still has the city vibe, without all of the anxiety that New York City constantly places on you. The public transit is better in New York. I miss the diversity that was everywhere in New York City. I miss all of the dance in New York City.

Favorite year at school?

Year three. I discovered an awareness and appreciation about life during my third year. I understood that you should enjoy where you are and fully be present there. That was the first year I allowed myself to just be there without feeling any kind of resentment.

Favorite teacher?

Risa Steinberg, who taught Limon during my third year.  It became more than dance. She gave me a perspective inward, and allowed me to look at myself without judgement.

If you could give a piece of advice for somebody starting Juilliard, what would you say?

To take your time. To let the process unfold and the people you meet unfold and don’t try to rush yourself into anything for the sake of accomplishing some type of expectation.

Would you do anything different?

I don’t think I would do anything different, I’m cool with how it all happened.

What’s next?

I have a lot of ideas. I would like to create a movement platform that allows non-dancers to get comfortable with their bodies. I would like to see dance help others, and eliminate stress where it can. I would like to see dance save the world.

First-Year Songbook

First-Year Songbook

Prepping for Songbook

Prepping for Songbook