Juilliard on a Sunday

Juilliard on a Sunday

New York is the city that never sleeps. Well...Juilliard fits right in because it is the school that never sleeps.

Juilliard is filled with people, even on a Sunday.

Throughout the building, there are students hanging out, studying, or taking a break.

You may find some interesting things wandering the floors. You may even come across a couch in the middle of a hallway. Just don’t question it.

I walked passed a room filled with senior citizens singing and dancing in their seats.

The dance division offices may be closed...

But dancers may have rehearsals on Sunday, along with private coachings with teachers.

There are summer intensive auditions being held.

The fourth floor may look deserted…

However, every single room is filled with a practicing musician.

Shows are being performed.

An opera: La Calisto.

A drama show.

Even though it is a weekend, Juilliard is still… well… Juilliard.

What did you expect?

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Words of Advice

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