How I Practice - A Weekly Breakdown

How I Practice - A Weekly Breakdown

Everyone is busy at Juilliard. We may not be dancing from 9 am to 9pm, but we are heavily involved with our craft for the majority of every day. Take a look at how it breaks down for me on a weekly basis.

Technique Classes:

15 hours a week: 

Ballet with 2 different ballet teachers 

Modern with 2 different modern teachers - one for Limon and one for Cunningham


20 hours a week

This number varies. It depends on what we are rehearsing for at the time. It also depends on how many student workshops I am a part of. 


3 hours a week

My one academic (liberal arts) class meets twice a week. I have approximately 15 students in my academic class this semester.

Other Classes:

4 hours a week



A Singer's Practice

A Singer's Practice

How I Practice

How I Practice