Auditioning for Juilliard Dance?

Auditioning for Juilliard Dance?

The past two weeks, the building has been buzzing due to the drama auditions.

The dance department held its first audition in Chicago this past Friday.

Auditions can be completely terrifying, but only if you let them!

Have no fear, I have a few tips that can help you get through it.

It’s easy to say “don’t get nervous”. You will be nervous.

Accept that, and continue from there.

You will also be excited! Channel all of these feeling during the audition day.

There is no such thing as a perfect audition. So don’t try and make it one. Try not to hold yourself to such a high standard. It can help take the pressure off yourself.

It is alright to make mistakes.

Realize the department heads aren’t looking for professional dancers. They are looking for someone with potential. They want to see you succeed.

Show your joy for dance in your audition.

The reason you are applying for a dance program is because you love to do it. Share that with everyone. 

Trust yourself. Trust that you are enough.

There is no right type of Juilliard dancer. Anybody has the ability to get in. Trust that it could be you. 

Take the audition as an opportunity to share your art. At the end of the day, that is what it’s all about. 

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Tips for Your Juilliard Dance Audition

Tips for Your Juilliard Dance Audition