How to Juilliard

How to Juilliard

A Step-By-Step Guide to Being a Masters’ Student at Juilliard

Step 1: Caffeinate. As early as possible, whenever possible.

Shout-out to Joe Coffee for always having my back.

Step 2: Hop on the subway and get to school early to do some last-minute review before that 9 A.M. Keyboard Skills class.

All about that (figured) bass.

Step 3: Take a breather before your next class. Practice, eat, nap, or attempt to accomplish the entire trifecta within one hour (I’ve only heard hearsay that this is actually possible).

My go-to spot to relax between classes.

Step 4: Head on over to your lesson, and try not to beat yourself up too much when those octaves you spent hours on last night and nailed ten times in a row this morning don’t happen. Your teacher has been there—he’ll understand (and probably even have a better solution).

That’s me!

Step 5: Re-caffeinate if necessary (it’s necessary), then it’s time for Introduction to Post-Tonal Theory.

Not exactly easy material, but pretty illuminating stuff.

Step 6: Practice, practice, practice.

Or procrastinate by attempting to take artsy photos in your practice room.

Step 7: Grab dinner and go take advantage of the culture within steps of school! See a concert, an opera, a ballet performance—there’s something going on pretty much every night.

Lincoln Center is a pretty incredible place.

Step 8: Collapse into your bed and get ready to do it all over again tomorrow.

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