Goals for the Year Ahead

Goals for the Year Ahead

It is a brand new school year. With the start of a new year, comes the possibility of growth and discovery. Every year, I tend to set certain goals for myself. This year, I asked around to hear what goals my classmates were setting for themselves.

Of course there are the typical dancer goals →

“Get more flexible”

“Become a more versatile dancer”

“Get better at picking up choreography”

“Make time to cool down after class”

...however, beyond that, I was amazed at the range of responses I received.

Some had goals of positivity →

“To enjoy myself and keep a grounded perspective so that I can stay positive and keep working my hardest”

“To live and dance in the present moment and to appreciate each day for the lessons they bring, no matter what they are”

“I want to work on staying positive when I get frustrated”

“A goal of mine is to approach school and class positively and not to use other people’s successes/abilities as discouragement but more as inspiration for my own improvement”

Some had goals to stay true to themselves →

“I don’t want to be afraid of showing the different artistic sides of myself, whether it’s in choreography or in performance. My art is my art and I’m proud of that, even if people disagree with it or don’t enjoy it”

Some hoped to learn about different disciplines →

“I hope to learn more about the world, not just dance, but other things. Immerse myself in the other arts as well...and not just arts but other normal things as well”

Some decided to keep an open mind →

“I want to be open to absorb everything a teacher has to give because the teachers at Juilliard simply know better, and are dedicated to helping us improve”

“My goal this year is to work as hard on my approach to the mental side of dance as I do on the physical aspect aspect of dance”

I know that I will be keep many of these goals in mind this upcoming year. I encourage you to do the same!

This is going to be a good year, I can FEEL it!

...and remember, stay GOALden ;)


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