Dance Division Freshmen Welcome Week Activities

Dance Division Freshmen Welcome Week Activities

This is my class; Dance Division Class of 2019.

This is our senior class: Dance Division Class of 2016.

Here at Juilliard, we are a tight-knit community; especially in the dance division! Every year, the seniors orchestrate (pun intended!) a series of welcoming activities that consist of activities, tasks and fun to get to know our senior class and bond with them!

To start, we met the seniors in the Kaufman dance studio and got to know each senior speed-dating-style! They asked us fun questions, and we got to put faces to names.

We each had a folder on a bulletin board outside the dance studios where our anonymous assigned senior would leave us daily tasks, candy, notes, clues… anything they wanted to! We all had a questionnaire to answer, with a fun fact about each member of the senior class, so we had to go around to the Sophomores and Juniors, ask for clues and guess which answer corresponded to which senior.

Our folders!

A picture of our senior questionnaire

My senior left me postcards with notes, my favorite candy (kit-kats), a movie ticket, and an initiation task. My task was to wear Christmas boxers and a Santa Clause hat around all day saying Merry Christmas and giving candy out to all the seniors! Other tasks consisted of taking selfies with the dance division faculty or fangirling over certain famous seniors…(Brennan!). It was so exciting and so much fun to see what new tasks we had to do each day, all while trying to guess who our seniors were!

Along with our little notes and tasks, we were each left an assignment to learn a piece or choreograph a piece for our freshmen showcase happening at the end of the week. All the dances were hilarious and it was so much fun to see everyone really putting themselves out there! (Below is a link to the short dance I had to learn off of Youtube and perform at the showcase…haha!) I even dressed in character…legwarmers and all.

The night before the showcase, we walked down to the Pier for a Bachelor-style Rose Ceremony, where we each got a rose from a senior…it was so sweet!

At the end of the showcase and the fierce dancing, our seniors were revealed! My senior is Kellie Drobnick and she is the best! I actually met Kellie when I was 12 years old at a dance convention, so it is crazy to see how small of a world it is!

Class of 2019 living in our group dance

All of us posed with our seniors…I’m on the bottom left!

The welcome week the seniors did for us will be something I never forget. It made my whole class and I feel so welcomed and part of the Juilliard family, and it is something that brings the whole division closer. I feel so lucky to be a part of it!

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