A Day in the Life of a First Year Dancer

A Day in the Life of a First Year Dancer

My morning view from my dorm room

6:30am: Rise and shine! I get up early to pack up backpack, get ready for the day and squeeze in any last minute homework before I head down to breakfast.

7:55am: Arrive at my favorite corner of the school on the 5th floor to stretch and roll out my muscles, go over my Ethics class notes and enjoy the amazing view!

8:50am: Arrive at my 9:00am Ethics class and take out my pen and paper to do our daily mini-commentary on the assigned reading. 

10:15am: Ethics is finished! I run down to the 3rd floor to warm-up for Pointe class starting at 10:40.

Warming up for Pointe class in the studio

12:05 – 12:15pm: A quick break in between Pointe and Limón (modern) class where I grab a quick snack and head over to studio 323.

1:40pm: We finish Limón and head on over to the cafeteria for lunch, where I have my usual lunch of grilled chicken, salad and vanilla pudding!

2:30 – 3:45pm: Ballroom class! We are currently working on Argentine Tango and have learned waltz, a bit of salsa and some other techniques.

3:45pm: Grab a snack and review our New Dances material before rehearsal.

4:15 - 7:15pm: New Dances rehearsal! I love working with Helen Simoneau and seeing how amazing my class is every rehearsal. So excited for our performances! (December 11th-15th)

7:15pm: Go over to cafeteria to grab dinner with my classmates.

8:00pm: Get back to my room, shower and do some of my homework.

9:25pm: Go over to one of my friends’ suites to hang out and watch a movie.

11:00pm: Back in my room, working on some homework.

11:30pm: I review my schedule for the next day and its finally bedtime! Goodnight!

Maddie :)

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