A Third Year's Perspective feat. Eliza Lanham

A Third Year's Perspective feat. Eliza Lanham

The application process can be intimidating. Listen to what Eliza (my classmate/roommate) had to say about her experience. 

Where are you from?

I am originally from Orem, Utah.


I have a large family. My parents were divorced when I was younger so I have two stepsisters and a half brother. Altogether there are ten of us, including myself.

Who did you get your dancing talent from?

Actually both of my parents were professional dancers. My dad was a ballet dancer and my mom was a professional jazz dancer. She was on Broadway and in a few movies. She was in the opening scene of “A Chorus Line”. She is the woman in blue in the very center.

How are you feeling entering your third year at Juilliard?

I feel ready to learn and to focus on specific habits that I want to change.

What did you wish you had known when you were applying to Juilliard?

I didn’t know anything about the school when I was applying. I actually liked that I didn’t have any expectations. In my experience, ignorance was bliss because I wasn’t as nervous. When I was writing the essay portion of the application, I was worried about being right, as opposed to focusing on what I felt about what they were asking in the essay questions. I would just say to be honest and be yourself. You hear that all the time but it is so true. You have to be honest about what you feel about dance.

What is your favorite part about Juilliard?

My favorite part is my classmates and the faculty. I don’t know if I actually have a favorite part. I think it is all a big equation and each little part fits together and that is why it is so unique. There are so many facets that make Juilliard so wonderful. I love the relationship I have with my classmates, along with the other students at Juilliard. Everyone is so inspiring to be around at school.

Favorite class at Juilliard right now?

My favorite class right now is kinesiology. It has been so useful to learn more about my body.

What is a myth about Juilliard?

Everybody seems to believe it is a very competitive atmosphere, but I have not found that to be true. The dance division is very supportive and everybody is on my side. I believe that is the best environment to work and to grow in. 

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