Recruitment Ideas

By: Geoffrey Scott, Senior Assistant Director for Recruitment Phew...well, we made it to the end of another hectic recruitment season. It has been great fun meeting all of the students and parents, as well as the faculty and administrators from our various school visits. We have all returned with some great stories to tell. Like the trip Katie's luggage took to Europe and back, or the speeding ticket someone got during his or her trip through Texas (I plead the 5th). This year's fall recruitment season proved to be one of the busiest and in a lot of ways the most fun.

This year was a year of recruitment firsts for us. In addition to the annual departmental spotlights and college fairs, the admissions team visited schools and spoke directly to prospective applicants regarding the application and audition process. Also new this year was the presentation Katie and I prepared to present during our visits, which, in addition to your normal informational slides, included clips from faculty and current students. We felt that inserting video clips of some of those questions we hear most frequently would be useful to you.

I think that one of the things we have learned is that a college fair, while a great opportunity to get information into the hands of interested students, doesn't really lend itself to having meaningful dialogue with a prospective applicant. So much of what we do as artists is connecting with people. Now I don't know about you, but I find it pretty hard to connect with anyone that yells at me (note- I wasn't yelling...I, like many singers, was speaking in the resonance). The admissions team has discussed some ideas as to how we can maximize our recruitment efforts and what new things we might want to try. So many music schools are learning that today's students are far more technologically savvy, and the use of applications such as instant messaging and Facebook are helpful with recruiting. So I think you might be seeing us online more. Coming soon to a Facebook group, The Juilliard School Admissions Office...maybe!

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