“…my chances on the danger-line…”*

By Mónia C. Estima, Senior Assistant Director for Music Admissions Hi again, Juilliard prospective applicants! I'm kinda, sorta caught up on the bulk of my pre-Thanksgiving work-load so I offered to write the Associate Dean of Admissions' scheduled blog for today, on the topic of application deadlines.

Some of you already submitted your applications because you had an earlier deadline (November 1 for Opera Studies, November 15 for all brass, all woodwinds, double bass, harp and percussion). Well done, you! Now you can relax, kick back with your family, and load up on carbs this Thursday-unlike some other applicants who, with a December 1 deadline, may have yet to submit their applications! (I'm not trying to give you a hard time, guys, I know how it is-life is busy, busy, busy, and you've been itching to complete your Juilliard application, only you've just had to wait for the holiday so you could have a moment to fill it out properly and get everything in by Dec. 1. I understand. Have an extra helping of turkey this Thursday, the tryptophan will do wonders for your nerves.)

So, for you December 1 deadliners: the online application closes right after 11:59 PM (Eastern) on Monday, December 1, 2008! No joke! If you try submitting it after that time, you won't be able to because it will shut off! If you're online at 12:02 AM on December 2 and try to submit, you'll get an error message telling you the deadline has passed. Do yourself a big favor-don't wait until December 1, but try to finish up and submit it by November 30, because if you go to submit it and there's some kind of technical glitch, you still have the following business day to rectify matters. Once you've submitted the application, you'll receive an automated e-mail confirmation that it was submitted. After we officially "acknowledge receipt" of your application, you'll receive another automated e-mail letting you know. If you believe you clicked "Submit" but you didn't receive any automated e-mails, guess what? You didn't "Submit" your application. If you realize this AFTER December 1-you've missed the deadline! Your application is LATE! For more tips on submitting your application, please see our receptionist Toni's previous blog, as it has excellent information on the subject.

What else can make you "late?"

If you chose to pay your application fee by check, and you mail the check out but it's postmarked after December 1, that makes your application late. If your major is pre-screened and your pre-screening materials are postmarked after December 1, that will also make you late. It may seem a bit nit-picky, to view an applicant as being late just because the application fee or pre-screening materials were postmarked the day after the deadline, but think about the hundreds of applicants who raced to their local Post Offices (or walked 15 miles in the snow, shoeless) just to postmark their stuff on time. Out of fairness to them, Juilliard must stand firm on the December 1 postmark issue. Also, for your own peace of mind, be sure to send your check or pre-screening materials by some traceable method (and keep your receipts!). If the postmark on your package is illegible and we question its timeliness, you'll then be able to provide proof that it was postmarked by the deadline.

What happens if you're late?

It's a problem. A big one. We can't just say it's O.K., no matter what happened to make you late. It's not that we wouldn't sympathize, it's that pesky "fairness" issue, as Admissions is charged with maintaining the integrity of the application process, for ALL applicants.

Generally, in the case of late application fees (for those who opted to pay by check), we can only approve your late application if there are audition slots available after we've scheduled all on-time applicants. The situation is the same for late pre-screening materials; those applicants' pre-screening may be considered ONLY IF there are audition slots available after all on-time applicants have been pre-screened. Keep in mind, however, some departments' audition slots will fill up rather quickly and, in that event, regardless of why your check or pre-screening was late, we will not be able to approve your late materials.

I know, this blog might come off as a real downer, but let it serve to inspire you to be the applicant who ISN'T sweating bullets on December 1, wondering if you'll be able to get everything that needs doing DONE by 11:59 PM. DON'T take any chances on the danger-line-DO take advantage of the holiday weekend, keep a slice of pumpkin or apple pie by your side (‘cause pie helps, trust me on this one), and wrap everything up by November 30. You'll be happy you did.

*The title for this blog was siphoned from Duran Duran's song, "The Reflex."

P.S. The Associate Dean for Admissions would like to sincerely thank Monia for writing this blog, as she is totally not caught up on her pre-Thanksgiving work. And on a side note, the original title was "Let's talk turkey" - because the Associate Dean doesn't know Duran Duran at all!

P.P.S. My title's better. ;-) ~ M.C.E.

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