Embark: The Applicant's Best Friend

By: Toni Rosenbaum, Admissions Assistant Hi Everyone!

If you've called the Admissions Office, you have probably spoken with me before :)

Not only do I work at Juilliard (I'm here 9-5 Monday through Friday), I'm also a grad student at The New School. In fact, I went though the admissions process just a few months ago AND the application I had to complete was on the same system that we use here at Juilliard (which most of you are already familiar with). Of course I found the application to be super easy since I work with Embark almost everyday so here are some "insider" tips that I will share with you:

Embark is very user-friendly. There are links on each page taking you to instructions, preliminary questions, and requirements. Read the information on every page! It's there for you to make your life easier so take advantage of it.

This might seem a bit silly but... DON'T FORGET TO SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION!!! HINT: When you submit your application, if you try to log into your application again, all you are able to do is track the status of your application parts (you are no longer able to edit). If you are still able to edit your application when you log in, you have not submitted your application!

If you turned in materials, (letters of recommendation, transcripts, resumes, etc.) BEFORE you submitted your online application, then there is a good chance that we have not entered that data into the system. Since we enter materials as soon as we receive them (usually within the hour when mail loads are light), if your application is not submitted when we receive your materials in the mail, we have nowhere to enter it. So the moral of the story here is: don't freak out if you don't see all of your application materials listed when you go to track the status of your application. It's hard to remember the date you send everything out to each school and of course it's stressful making sure each school has every required application part. Some nifty advice would be to keep a personal record of the date each part gets sent. I promise we will contact you if we are missing anything from your application file after all materials are entered. So don't worry just yet if you see we have not recorded the receipt of your material, your papers are probably neatly filed away in our awesome new filing cabinets.

We want you all to succeed and get into the school that's the right fit for you. Of course I'm a bit partial and would love to see you all come to Juilliard. The application deadline is fast approaching for most of you (I know for some of you it has already passed!) so feel free to call (212.799.5000 ext 223) or e-mail (admissions@juilliard.edu) if you have any questions or concerns!! Good Luck!!!!

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