She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain...

By: Geoffrey Scott, Senior Assistant Director for Recruitment It has begun; I recently completed my first recruitment trip to the West coast. Katie and I were cooped up in a car for 4 days visiting schools and participating in college fairs. It has been a great trip, but can I just say that those GPS systems you get with the rental cars, they are just no good sometimes. There was a moment when I REALLY wanted to chuck "Jill" out the window. And I swear that robotic voice gets real testy with you if you miss your turn..."recalculating". Like it's my fault that her directions weren't clear. But then I remembered that if we threw "Jill" out the window we wouldn't be able to find our way down the mountain from Idyllwild. PS-that's one of the roughest rides ever. And if you see Katie on the road and she tells you I screamed it's because she was going into a sharp curve at 50MPH; I'm just saying - that's my story and I'm sticking to it. (Editor's Note: Katie obeyed all posted speed limits and other traffic laws. We cannot say the same for other members of the Admissions Staff.)

We just wrapped up our second Spotlight event for prospective applicants and their parents. This is the third year we have done Spotlights and they have proven to be quite the informational tool. By speaking with faculty, administrators, and current students, prospective applicants in their senior and junior years are able to get a clearer sense of Juilliard and the programs we offer, not to mention the brownies are pretty tasty. If you have not signed up for a Spotlight event and would like to, give us a call. If there is available space, we'll be happy to register you.

Many students think that they HAVE to attend a Spotlight to have their questions answered and make a connection with Juilliard. Actually, when we can, we are happy to arrange a student visit at any point during the year (excepting holidays, school closings and my birthday) to help students gain a better sense of the School. Even if you can't visit, you should feel free to contact us via e-mail or phone and start a dialogue. Much of the information you are searching for can be found on the Juilliard Web site, but nothing beats having personal contact with a school rep and getting information directly from the source. So if you have a question, contact a member of the admissions staff to get "the scoop." Young artist message boards are also informative, but they can be misleading and often times do not tell the full story. Our Spotlight events are just another way for us to demystify our process.

So, if you can attend a Spotlight, sign up for one of the remaining events. Next up...Drama Spotlight!

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