If we write it, will they read it?

We've been blogging for almost a year now in Juilliard Admissions, and sincerely hope that we're not just posting in a void of cyberspace - but one can never really be sure!  We had to turn off the "comments" because blogs tend to get hugely spammed, and it was overwhelming to sort through hundreds of pages of gobbledygook to see if a real person had actually commented.   Once and a while, we hear from individuals that s/he read a blog, and it makes us very happy - because all else aside, we have a great time writing!  But seriously - we are trying to make sure that important and helpful information is getting to students and their families, and it is rewarding to know that the blog is successful. So, in the interest of sharing even more information, I thought I'd direct our (we hope) Juilliard blog readers to the blog of a colleague from the University of Illinois.  Dan is blogging in a more general way about music admissions, and has already covered a variety of useful topics.  Visit The Music Admissions Blog for some interesting reading!

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