Fall Travel & College Fairs - "It's been a trip!"

Hello everyone, my name is Luci Rosa, and I am the Assistant Director of Admissions. Traveling from state to state comes with the job description as a representative for Juilliard. For the last 8 years, attending college fairs nationwide has been enjoyable - it surely has "BEEN A TRIP!" Arriving at so many airports, flying out of almost every domestic airline, travel delays, crazy cab rides, checking into nice hotels and not so nice, getting lost, experiencing great food (or not!) and anxiously waiting to get back to New York, standing on my achy feet throughout the entire college fair, going through 3 bottles of water from talking so much, and the worst - not getting my Juilliard materials at the fair. All of these things may not seem enjoyable for most; however, the true joy has been talking to all the prospective students and parents. All the drama becomes worth it!

It's a whole new experience every single time, meeting so many prospective candidates:

- There are those that you always remember; that stick in your mind for a particular reason or for the way they approached the table.

- There are those that arrive so well-prepared with a list of 25 questions or 3 sheets of printed labels.

- Those who are so shy or overwhelmed by "The Juilliard Table," who become numb and whose parents then take on the role of asking all the questions.

- Those who did their research and are in the know and come to just pick up a viewbook, view the Juilliard table, or just to meet us.

- And of course those who impressed me with their maturity and intellectual questions, and those who are ecstatic and just say "Oh my God, it's Juilliard!" when I said "Welcome."

I've admired them all, especially the ones who are so attentive and absorb everything they are hearing about our wonderful school.

The highlight of these college fairs for me is truly leaving the prospective student and/or parent satisfied with all their questions answered. It's a great feeling to see them walk away from the table with a smile, excited and enthusiastic. I can relate to the same feeling as I walked away from tables at college fairs for my own children; feeling content, interested, and excited about applying.

It's even a greater satisfaction when they recognize me during auditions and say hello. I know I have done everything in my power to represent Juilliard well. With all this said, I look forward to the upcoming fall travel and the new faces at each college fair. Come see me! No matter what happens on my trip, it's worth it!

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