What We Did On Our Summer Vacation

It’s amazing to think that it is already September, and the summer has flown by. We took a hiatus from our blog, but now will be back again over the academic year, writing about processes and procedures for applying to The Juilliard School. While hopefully most of the readers of this blog did have summer vacation, we don’t actually have much of one in Admissions! Our summer is spent finalizing the incoming class (processing final transcripts, sending reminders about orientation and placement exams, etc.), but our primary work is in preparation for the next application cycle. The summer is when we review and revise all of our materials – audition requirements, the application, the web site – it is time-consuming, painstaking and detailed work to make sure that we have every opus number correct, every field on the application working properly, and every year on the web site updated from 2008 to 2009!

This summer, we also packed up and moved to our new offices. As you may know, The Juilliard School is undergoing some extensive and exciting renovations. The Admissions Office spent the last 15 months in temporary space (3 converted classrooms with no windows), and on August 19th moved to a wonderful new suite, named after Mr. Sydney R. Knafel (a member of Juilliard’s Board of Trustees and a generous donor).

Our Application for Admission for fall 2009 launched on August 29th, and we’ve got some significant changes coming up this year. Perhaps the most important is that we have two application deadlines – a first for us! The New York Philharmonic, to which many of our faculty belongs, is going on tour in late February/early March, right during our regular audition period in early March. So, we are holding auditions for twelve departments (all woodwinds, all brass, harp, percussion and double bass) in January 2009. In order to process applications and schedule auditions for these early auditions, we’ve moved up the deadline for those twelve departments to November 15th. Everyone else stays the normal December 1. If you will be applying to Juilliard this year, all of this information is available in the “Admissions” section of our web site – www.juilliard.edu.

We’re going to be doing some new things in Admissions this year, but probably the biggest one is that we’re going to go (almost) paperless. Besides being green, we think that this is really the way to go with communications – we’ll be emailing our applicants, as well as “posting” important information to their online applications (even admissions decisions!). Many, many schools have been doing this for years now, and we’re finally catching up to the technology. So, another reminder for applicants this year – create a login for your online application with an email address that will remain active for the entire year, because you’ll want to be checking it often.

I hope that you keep reading our blogs, and also take a look back at what we wrote last year. My intention is to fill in the information gap between what you can find in print and on the web, and the information that we have about what really happens when you apply to Juilliard. Admissions staff, other administrators, and current students will all be writing to share with you – and if you have any questions for us or suggestions for topics we should write about, feel free to email admissions@juilliard.edu.

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