One of a Kind

by Naomi Causby, 2nd-year Pianist The title gives it all away of what I’m going to talk about, but I can basically say that my experience at Juilliard has been nothing less than an absolutely amazing, one-of-a-kind experience. Juilliard has opened my eyes to so many possibilities that lay ahead for me. It’s hard to really pinpoint one experience that has really formed my life here, but if I really had to choose one it would have to be the amount of performance opportunities that Juilliard offers.

Growing up, I always knew The Juilliard School as “the performance school of the entire world.” I had a vision of students performing basically 24/7, and now that I’m here in real life, it is nothing short of that. Not only are there required orchestra concerts, but also everyone is a part of other small ensembles such as New Juilliard Ensemble and Axiom. New music was something that I was never really familiar with growing up in South Carolina, and it was kind of like uncharted territory that I didn’t want to go into. However, since my first year, I’ve been in almost every New Juilliard concert given and it has been absolutely phenomenal. Not only are you pushed to learn intricate rhythms and notes, but you are also pushed out of your own comfort zone to not follow the “norm” that we’ve all learned to perfection. My teacher back home always told me that it was best to be a “rounded musician…dabbling in everything that you can get your hands on.”

Ever since then, other opportunities have come forward. Axiom ensemble, playing at MoMA (Museum of Modern Art), and even playing in Juilliard dance workshops. One thing leads to the next. Who knows where my career is going to lead me? But the opportunities that keep rising here are endless, and that’s what makes Juilliard so amazing.

And to think…it’s only my second year. With two whole years ahead of me, who knows what else will happen. Overall, the Juilliard experience is a once in a lifetime experience and I plan on taking advantage of everything that is offered to me.

A+ Performance Opportunities