My Juilliard Dialogue

by Victoria Grempel, 2nd-year dancer  

“Hello, President’s Office, this is Victoria.”

“Is the leg croisé or écarté on count 5?”

“What’s the status of the new Juilliard in Tianjin?” 

“Is that in the sagittal or horizontal plane?”


The above sentences have one thing in common; they're all spoken by me throughout the course of a single day! Here at the Juilliard School, you’ll rarely find a student who engages only in her field of study. As a second year dancer, I try to make the the most of my Juilliard experience. With great perseverance and a knack for scheduling, I have been able to expand my education beyond the boundaries of the dance studio.

Not only am I currently studying ballet, multiple modern techniques, taking a liberal arts class, a music class, and learning repertory, but this year I hold several work-study positions throughout the school. I am a Special Assistant in the Office of the President, a Senior Assistant in the Evening Division Office, and I was recently elected as a Student Ambassador. Seeing the school from an administrative standpoint not only allows me to understand how the school functions, but has opened my eyes to the business and management sides of the performing arts; it’s like I’m double majoring in dance and business! In order to be a well-rounded artist, I believe that training in the arts, along side entrepreneurial skills and the understanding of how the arts are managed, are all of equal importance.

At Juilliard, I have made the most of my opportunities. Within the intense dance schedule, I have made time to maintain these positions. I think that the Juilliard experience is what you make of it. The possibilities are endless; it’s up to you!

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