Juilliard Educational Outreach

by Teresa McKinney, Director of Educational Outreach Educational Outreach at Juilliard provides many opportunities to gain experience teaching in schools and community organizations throughout New York City.  The true benefits of this type of work are not fully realized until students explore and get involved in the teaching and interactive performance experience offered through the Educational Outreach department.

We often ask our Educational Outreach Fellows the question, “how does teaching impact your artistry?”  Some tell us that teaching in the community helps them become a stronger artist and gives them a better understanding of how to communicate their artistry to the public.  Others say they become more aware of how people receive what the fellows are communicating through their performance. Even when performing for children, they find the honesty of the young audience “refreshing” and keeps them on their toes.

Providing interactive performances in schools, healthcare facilities and other partnering organizations have enabled the Juilliard student fellows to hone their skills in deconstructing artistic concepts for a wide range of audiences. These various settings provide the Juilliard student with an opportunity to develop in the areas of public speaking, improvisation, and adapting to diverse performance and teaching environments.

Juilliard’s Educational Outreach Fellows are ambassadors of arts education and represent what is so great about The Juilliard school.  These students have a spirited desire to develop and share their gifts to a global audience.  Whether it be a school, hospital, nursing home or community arts organization, it is our goal in Educational Outreach to provide opportunities for our fellows to refine their skills as a performer and advocate for the arts.

Our teaching and interactive performance opportunities are best described in the voice of some of our Educational Outreach Fellows….

Practicing *Other* Things

Loosen Up and BE YOU