Things I Didn't Know About Juilliard: Advice for Newcomers

by Yuga Cohler, 2nd-year M.M. - Orchestral Conducting 1. Many of the restaurants and shops in the Lincoln Center area offer discounts for Juilliard students, so be sure to ask about it before you order anything. This advice is especially important for older-looking graduate students eating in the Juilliard/SAB Cafe. They might mistake you for faculty and charge you the full price.

2. This having been said, there is a tragic dearth of affordable yet savory places to eat near Juilliard. If you came to Juilliard thinking that you would be in the epicenter of culinary delight, you were dead wrong. Assuming you are on a budget, your best bets are the following: Empire Szechuan Kyoto on 69th and Columbus (as the name suggests, an amalgam of affordable Asian food), Chipotle on 72nd and Broadway (an all-time favorite), and the food cart on 66th between Broadway and Columbus (not the one directly outside of Juilliard). For the last of these, I recommend that you order the combo platter with plenty of hot sauce and the ever-mysterious “white sauce.”

3. Juilliard students can attend most, if not all, Juilliard events for free if they get their tickets early enough. Take advantage of this privilege, not only in your discipline but also in the other two.

4. But it’s also okay not to go to every single event going on around the school.

5. Famous people come to Juilliard all the time; in fact, if you go here, in all likelihood you study with one. I once saw Newman from “Seinfeld” in the cafeteria and almost freaked out. Make sure you are aware of this surreal reality before coming here so that your reactions are not inappropriately jejune when you encounter a celebrity.

6. Perhaps the only expensive place to eat near Juilliard worth checking out is Magnolia Bakery. Their banana pudding is unbelievable.

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