Viola for all: Juilliard Violists blog!

by Lee Cioppa, Associate Dean for Admissions I am always excited to see writings by current Juilliard students, whether it is in the Juilliard Journal, in our own blog posts, or in outside publications.  This year, there is an extraordinary opportunity to read online articles by a large group of Juilliard students and faculty - the shared studio of Heidi Castleman, Misha Amory, Hsin-Yun Huang and Steven Tenenbom.  The American Viola Society has started a studio blog, and invited this studio to be the first writers.

Now, don't stop here just because you're not a violist - there is an incredible wealth of information to be found regarding performing (which, to me, can be immediately translated into "auditioning"), working with an accompanist (which you'll do at an audition!), effective practicing, and even stories about students taking their art around the world. It's a true inside glimpse into the myriad aspects of being a Juilliard student, from what happens in a 4th floor practice room, to expectations as a performer, to the institutional philosphy of using your art to change the world.

So regardless of your instrument or major, enjoy!

Entrepreneurship at Juilliard

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