Why didn't I think of this before? (Updates on the Juilliard Web site)

By Monia C. Estima, Associate Director of Admissions  You know that old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”? One of its cousins is, “Well, we’ve always done it this way,” which can mean that obvious and helpful changes to something don’t happen because you keep looking at a thing from one particular point of view. What I refer to in this case are the Admissions pages for the Music Division on the Juilliard Web site.

There are some pretty standard questions Admissions gets on a regular basis, and we developed our Web pages with an eye to putting all the answers out into the Interwebs to better assist our applicants. Every summer, as I settle down to update the Music application pages, I concentrate on improving them. But only this summer (after 8 years at Juilliard!) did it occur to me that some extremely common questions were not addressed, at all, on our site:

  1. Is it possible to set up a sample lesson with a studio faculty member?
  2. Do I HAVE to set up a sample lesson with a studio faculty member?
  3. Can I substitute “X” work for “Y” for pre-screening/the live audition?
  4. Do I have to present the complete work or just a movement?
  5. Where can I direct questions about the suitability of my proposed repertoire?
  6. May I make changes to my proposed audition repertoire?
  7. Do I have to be accompanied on my pre-screening recording?
  8. Do I have to present the repertoire for pre-screening in the order listed?

I look at the above list and SMH*. Really, it didn’t occur to me before that these should be addressed on our Web site???

Yeah, really. Pretty lame, huh? My bad (as no one says anymore).

Well, the lameness is over: answers to all of these questions can now be found in our updated pages (you’ll know they’re the updated pages if you see “Admissions for Fall 2013” at the tippity-top of each music admissions page)! Because everything’s broken up by degree level, there’s not a simple way to provide direct links to things here, but answers to the above questions can be found as follows:

  • 1 & 2: “Private Teachers” section of your degree level’s “Additional Information” page.
  • 3 – 6: The expanded “Notes on Repertoire” section of your degree level’s “Pre-Screening and Live Audition Procedures” page.
  • 7: “Accompanists” section, same page as immediately above.
  • 8: “Pre-Screening Procedures” section, same page as the previous answer.

So, everything relevant to applying to the Music Division can now be found on our Web site.

(…I’m pretty sure.)

*SMH = Shake My Head

Viola for all: Juilliard Violists blog!

Au revoir, summer. Bienvenue, fall. Hello, Juilliard application!