Great ideas on a platter - blogs from Eastman

As I'm sure you all know by now, great ideas for your music-making can come from anywhere - your teacher (obvious), recordings, friends, hey - YouTube! and hopefully many seemingly far-flung places - paintings, a novel or biography, a snow fall... When you are lucky, great ideas are handed to you on a platter.  In Juilliard's case, a colleague at the Eastman School of Music's Admissions Office wrote two wonderful blogs on audition preparation.  I've done some blogs on this (see February 2010), and if you go back into our archives you'll see a lot of wonderful advice from students, alumni and faculty about auditioning.  But these blogs have some great, very practical tips - my favorite is to jog up some stairs to elevate your heart-rate and get short of breath, to mimic how you might feel when very nervous!

Many thanks, Christina Crispin - and to all of our music applicants, here you go, on platter!

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