"Refresh"ing Thanksgiving and Juilliard Admissions

by Lee Cioppa, Associate Dean for Admissions Here we are again, just before Thanksgiving weekend - which means, of course, that this is the last weekend before Juilliard's application deadline.  It's always a curious time in college admissions - those few days before a deadline when application numbers start creeping up - and then astonishingly explode!  Although our offices are closed and all uf us really need these vacation days before the deadline, I always find myself logging on to our online application from home over Thanksgiving - just to have the fun of hitting "refresh" and watching the application numbers go up.

There are a number of things that we are watching carefully this year regarding our applicants - certainly, what our application numbers will be for our new M.F.A. in Acting is a big unknown.  It's also our first year with a "received-by" deadline - which we discovered (painfully) with our first deadline of November 1 for our Opera Studies program seems to be a surprise to a lot of folks - despite it being all over our web site and application materials!  It is a big change, and in fact we are sorting out lots of administrative issues on our side as well.  We have to go through mail in a very different way - not sorting by a postmark, but by when it actually arrived at the School.  Rather than anticipating dozens of bins of mail a few days after December 1, it's (hopefully) going to hit early next week. And then, of course, our applicants are very eager to confirm the arrival of their materials by the deadline - which will be tough for us to do because of the sheer volume of mail and time it will take to simply open envelopes.

All of that being said, these changes are very exciting - new programs and new processes, new applicants and eventually new students!  I hope that all of you reading this who are applying this year are going to get a lot done this weekend on your applications - it's the perfect few days to wrap everything up and beat the deadline without any last minute stress.  I'll be doing a lot of napping and yoga, in anticipation of all of your applications - and, of course, hitting "refresh" on the online application every once in a while!

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