Gryffindor Gets 1,000,000 Points When You Submit Your Application On Time!

by Mónia C. Estima (aka "Mony"), Associate Director of Admissions It doesn’t, really, but I’m on a Harry Potter kick for this blog. Anyway, chiming in on our “What’s New for 2012” series, I write today about our new “received by” deadline policy and its implications for our applicants.

How do you know what to submit and when things are due? My colleague, Katie Friis, and I slaved over our cauldrons this summer to provide concise checklists and application information for you on Juilliard’s Web site – please click here to learn what’s what and when it’s all due.

What do we mean by a “received by” deadline? We mean that the application, application fee, and supporting materials must be received by the Office of Admissions at Juilliard BEFORE or ON that deadline. If materials are received by Admissions AFTER the appropriate deadlines, then they are LATE.

Let’s look at the online application itself. What you submit online must also be received by the corresponding deadlines and, generally, Juilliard does not accept late applications. Why? Because, after 11:59pm on the day of a deadline, the application will disappear faster than Professor Snape can snipe, “Evanesco!” And it won’t come back no matter how loudly you cry, “Accio application!”

Another thing about submitting your application - be sure you actually submitted your application. Submission of the application occurs over several steps. (In the past, some folks thought that once they submitted credit card information, they were all set. In fact, they were not.) And if you’re paying your application fee by check, or if you’re a high school senior submitting documentation to request a fee waiver, these also must be “received by” the appropriate deadline.

What happens if your application materials are late? We send you a Howler. (J/K) In the case of late application fees (for those paying by check) or fee waiver requests, your application is late and you will be considered for an audition ONLY IF there are audition slots available after we’ve scheduled all on-time applicants. The same is true for late pre-screening materials (this applies to some applicants for the drama and music divisions); those applicants’ pre-screening materials may be considered ONLY IF there are audition slots available after all on-time applicants have been screened. Be aware, though, that some departments’ audition slots fill up fast and, in that event, regardless of why your check or pre-screening materials were late, we will not be able to schedule you for an audition.

So, rather leaving things to the last minute and winding up feeling like you’ve had a run-in with a Dementor, get your stuff in on time so you can focus on getting ready for your audition!

Say it once, say it twice - OK, 3 times!

Sister, I’m (Obviously) Not a Poet