Sister, I’m (Obviously) Not a Poet

by Mónia C. Estima (aka "Mony"), Associate Director of Admissions Today we say goodbye to our much admired Admissions Associate, Toni Rosenbaum, who leaves Juilliard to embark on her next great career adventure. Toni has been the face of Juilliard for literally thousands of applicants (and their parents!) for the past four years and, as happy as we all are for her success, we are also sad for our loss. I wrote a little something for her goodbye party, which I share with you all here.

*** Toni,

Lee* asked us if we’d like to say a few words here today, and I did. But then I had to determine how I’d arrange words that could adequately address what your four years with us have meant to me. And then it hit me – I’ll write a poem! Here’s my first attempt:

Roses are red, Now I am blue, We’re losing Toni, And that really stinks.

You like?  No, I didn’t either – too sappy.

Then I pondered what style of poetry would lend itself to a little less sap and realized that a limerick would do the trick!  Here’s my second attempt:

Our Toni is pretty terrific With problems abstract or specific. She’s charming, she’s sweet, Wears great shoes on her feet, And her patience with folks is prolific.

…meh. It’s O.K., but still not quite right.

THEN I remembered that a couple of years ago I challenged my colleagues in Admissions to come up with application related haikus for our blog. I thought maybe the haiku format would work, so here’s that effort:

Just four years ago You entered our lives, and now You leave them better.

And with that, I was back to sappy.

So I decided to give up on poetry and simply say – we’ve been so lucky to have you, Toni. Thank you, for everything. And good luck.

*Lee Cioppa, Associate Dean for Admissions

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