November is here…but have no fear!

by Toni Rosenbaum, Admissions Associate December 1 is less than a month away. Before you start stressing out, let’s go over what exactly is due.

For Dance and Drama applicants, the only thing you need to have in is your application and application fee.

For Music applicants applying to the undergraduate diploma, bachelor of music, graduate diploma, master of music, and artist diploma, you must submit your application and application fee and pre-screening (if required).

For Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) applicants here’s what’s due: the application, transcripts, pre-screening (if required), and TOEFL scores (if applicable).  Remember - December 1 is a received by date for the transcripts and TOEFL!

Artist Diploma in Opera Studies (ADOS) applicants – we haven’t forgotten about you! Your deadline was November 1. Please log back into your application to check the receipt of all of the materials you turned in by clicking on the “Track Status” tab. All of your updates will be sent via your online application so continue to log back in and check there. However, your supplemental materials (other than the application and pre-screening) are not due until December 15th - so you can wait until you receive the results of the pre-screening to send them.

There’s still some time to get your application in. Avoid all the stress and try to have it in earlier than December 1st at 11:59 p.m. (e.s.t.). We want all of you to have a smooth application process. Please take the time to carefully read over all of your application instructions and requirements. Feel free to e-mail us with questions (we all work to answer your questions as fast as possible). GOOD LUCK!!!!

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