They’re, Their and There – Admissions is on Facebook

By Lee Cioppa, Associate Dean for Admissions I am entirely delighted to announce that Juilliard Admission is now on Facebook! “Like” us at

Now, you might ask, why do we even want to be on Facebook? The answer to that is simple – where are you?

If there is one thing that has changed in college admissions in the past 10 years, it is that print materials have become dinosaurs, and prospective students are finding their information almost exclusively on the Web. As a result, you have a lot more ways to find out about us than we have opportunities to communicate with you – you don’t need a colorful Viewbook or print brochure from a college to find out all you need to know. The downside, of course, is that you aren’t always getting first-hand information. Chat rooms, message boards, personal blogs – these come up in a Google search as much as a school’s individual Web site.

So, back to the title of the blog. Juilliard Admissions is using Facebook to reach our prospective students. Where they are (they're), in their environment - we want to be there.

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