An Admissions E-mail Thread by The Juilliard School’s Admissions Staff

From: Monia C. Estima, Associate Director of AdmissionsTo: Admissions Subject: Wacky Questions/Comments

Hey Y'alls:

You know how we're always getting wacky questions at college fairs and stuff? Well, I think that I got the wackiest question to date at a recent college fair. It went something like this:

Bright Young Man: Does Juilliard have an aviation program?

Me, thinking he's pulling my leg: Sure!

BYM, excited: REALLY???

Me, thinking "Ooops!": No. (Winning smile.) Sorry!

BYM is momentarily crushed, then rallies with: How about a helipad? Or at least a flat roof so I can paint a big "H" on it?

I have to admit, I LOLed.

So what's the wackiest thing about Juilliard you've heard?



From: Toni Rosenbaum, Admissions Associate/Receptionist To: Admissions Subject: RE: Wacky Questions/Comments

The worst ones I get begin with “My friend told me…”

“My friend told me that Juilliard has a program for 7 year old hip hop artist.”

“My friend told me that I can get in without auditioning”

“My friend told me that Juilliard holds auditions once a week”

Who is this friend and why has said friend not visited our Web site to get the correct information? If a friend tells you something, make sure it’s true before you get your hopes up. My friend once told me that my spray tan wouldn’t rub off onto my white sundress. She was very wrong. I probably should have looked it up myself…


From: Lee Cioppa, Associate Dean for Admissions To: Admissions Subject: RE: Wacky Questions/Comments

OK, here are my two:

I heard that Juilliard canceled all their big opera productions. (Really? Did anyone tell the New York Times?)

I heard that the Drama Division travels with some of their acting students and “plants” them with the applicants. Then the students give their opinions back to the faculty about who should be admitted. (Really? Juilliard does covert operations at their auditions?)


From: Katie Friis, Senior Assistant Director for Dance and Drama Admissions To: Admissions Subject: RE: Wacky Questions/Comments

“My client is going to be the next Sharon Stone, and I hear you have a 1-year acting program that will turn her into a star.”

“I hear Juilliard measures the dancers’ arches at the audition.”


From: Luci Rosa, Assistant Director for Admissions/Office Manager To: Admissions Subject: RE: Wacky Questions/Comments

The worst ones I can remember:

Is it true if you are not up to par you get kicked out in your first year of the Drama program and you can’t ever come to visit the school?

Is it true you get weighed and you must go on a diet if you are past the dance weight requirements?


From: Colby Carson, Assistant Director of Admissions for Recruitment To: Admissions Subject: RE: Wacky Questions/Comments

Being the new kid on the block I’ve had to take things “Step By Step”, so I haven’t had as much time to hear many wacky questions. That being said, it does seem that everyone has heard some of the wacky rumors surrounding The Juilliard School, or seen us misrepresented in movies. In my two months here I have attended about three or four public events and have been surprised that at each one at least one person has brought up a movie (Save the Last Dance, August Rush, etc.) as a “real life” example of what Juilliard is like. – No, we won’t be able to accept your marvelously talented 5 year old pianist/choreographer/dramaturge until they have a high school diploma. On a related note we don’t offer admission to random talented people (who haven’t applied or auditioned) that we come across while on our travels.

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