A new beginning

It's September 1, and for all of us in Juilliard Admissions, that means - the Application for Admission for fall 2011 is available! We pretty much spend our entire summer updating things - the online application, the Web site, and all of those wonderful PDF documents that you can print out with the application and audition requirements. It's a huge job, especially when we decide that we are going to majorly re-vamp things, as we did this year. We did a survey last December, and the biggest amount of feedback we received was requests to put everything than an applicant needs to know all in one place. So we did! The new materials are up on our Web site now.

So, now that Juilliard has hopefully made things a bit easier and clearer for you, I invite you to review some of the application tips from previous blogs. Check out the blog Archives from last June, July, and August - and if you want a true tale of what Admissions staff do over the summer, check out the brilliant blog by Associate Director Monia Estima!

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