Hello from the Bottom of the Totem Pole

By: Bradley Diuguid, Drama Division Administrative Intern

Hello and welcome!

My name is Bradley, and I'm this year's Administrative Intern for the Drama Division. Chances are that some of you have already spoken to me a bit on the phone. I assist with much of the clerical work for the Division, including applications, auditions, daily operations, special events, and ticketing. Most of what I do consists of supporting others - including you!

Even though the application deadline for the Actor Training Program has passed, I am available during business hours to field questions about the upcoming auditions and our program in general, so please don't hesitate to call if you feel stuck, confused, or lost. I'm likely to be the one to pick up the phone when you call, so please feel free to ask for me by name. Everyone in our office loves good questions! Each and every one of us are familiar enough with the acting and playwriting programs, including the admissions and auditions processes, to give you some insight - we do run them, after all. Finding the answer to a thoughtful question can really make my day, and even if I can't answer it, I will find someone in the office who can!

Don't be fooled by my "intern" title - I share an astounding amount of responsibility with the office staff to keep the Drama Division running smoothly. I really do think that I have one of the best jobs in the country, and I feel lucky to come to work at The Juilliard School every day (even when the hours stretch on - which they sometimes do!)

If you're interested in finding out more about our intern program, The Juilliard School offers a wide array of openings in all kinds of technical and production areas each year, from costumes to stage management to wigs and makeup and more. For more details, see our Web site for an application to the internship program. My position is open each year, and a similar post is sometimes offered in the Dance and Concert Divisions. Keep in mind that this is definitely not the route to becoming an actor in the program, but it is a great chance to learn more about how the theater works behind the scenes. Plus, you'd be surprised at how many people throughout Juilliard started out as interns!

I don't consider my position "just another office job." Like everyone else working backstage, I support the arts. Through management, I have found a way to be involved in the theater and still be creative, too. Whether I'm working with acting students at our special events, directing calls for our Literary Manager, creating a schedule for the Richard Rodgers Director of the Drama Division, or contacting prospective students, I get to work with a variety of innovative, active artists every day. It sure beats heavy lifting - and what could be better than that?

I look forward to hearing from you over the coming weeks. Good luck!

Thank you,

Bradley Diuguid

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