Toni's Top 5

By: Toni Rosenbaum, Admissions Assistant

Hi everyone! My name is Toni Rosenbaum and I'm the Admissions Assistant (when you call the Office of Admissions, you are probably speaking with me!). I receive tons of phone calls and e-mails from applicants every day and have come up with a list of the five most common questions:

1. When are the deadlines?

The application, application fee, and pre-screening materials (if applicable) were due December 1, 2007. Essays are part of the application and are due December 1, 2007. Transcripts, recommendation letters, and TOEFL scores are due February 15, 2008.

For Doctor of Musical Arts applicants, all supplemental materials are due January 15, 2007.

2. How do I submit my letters of recommendation?

Remember when you completed your application and there was a section about recommenders? (Well, just in case you forgot - you registered your recommenders and included an e-mail address where they may be contacted.) They were sent an e-mail based on the information you provided with a link that gave them all the instructions they need to complete the recommendation for you.

Is your recommender not so computer savvy? No problem! Just have it sent by postal mail. Either they may send it themselves or you may collect the letters from them in signed, sealed envelopes and send them yourself. No form necessary, but please make sure your full name and your recommender's full name are on that letter!!

3. How will I know if you received my materials?

You can track all of your application materials (pre-screening recordings, letters of recommendation, transcripts, TOEFL scores, etc.) by signing back into your online application and clicking the "Track Status" tab. This will give you the most current information about receipt of application parts and it is also the most convenient way to check the status of your application materials. We have so much mail at this time of year that we're doing our very best to get everything into the system as soon as possible. Please be patient while we quickly and efficiently process all of the application parts we receive.

4. When will I know when my audition is??

Each division is handled a differently. Here's how it works:

Music Applicants: First we must go through the pre-screening process - then you will be notified whether or not you are invited to the live auditions, which take place February 29 - March 7. You'll know if you're invited for a live audition by about the third week in January. If your major is not pre-screened, we're still not scheduling until then because we're sorting out the pre-screening.

Dance Applicants: You will know the city and date of your live audition by mid-December and will get further details by January.

Drama Applicants: A letter by postal mail will be sent to you approximately two weeks after you submitted your application notifying you of your audition date and location.

5. I submitted my application. What happens now??

Waiting is excruciating but just sit tight for now; this is only just the beginning of the admissions process for you. Now you should be looking toward the live audition. Here is a link that will provide you with the information necessary to prepare for the live audition:

If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to chat with the admissions staff feel free to call the Office of Admissions at (212)799-5000 x223 or send us an e-mail at I look forward to meeting some of you in person during the live auditions. Good luck everyone!

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