Parting is such sweet sorrow…

By Monia C. Estima, Senior Assistant Director for Music Admissions Today I blog about my dear colleague Geoffrey Scott, who took up his position as Juilliard Recruitment Dude about the same time I started here as Music Admissions Chick, back in August 2004.  After nearly six years of service to Juilliard, Geoff leaves me -- I mean, us -- to direct music admissions for The Shepherd School of Music at Rice University.

Many of you prospective applicants and current Juilliard students met our Geoffrey at performing arts college fairs, or when you came to visit Juilliard and he arranged for you to observe classes.  I can’t say I remember the very first time I met Geoff, but I do have many, many wonderful memories of working, and goofing, with him over the years.  I remember us wolfing down post-college fair bacon-cheeseburgers and fries.  I remember late nights during auditions when we’d be so giddily over-tired from the 12-hour days that we’d start cracking each other up over nothing in particular.  I remember my son and I meeting up with Geoff and his pug, Bella, after Thanksgiving one year to take a surprisingly freezing walk through Central Park.  I remember how he’d sit across from my desk, proofing my music audition schedules with me and, with a completely straight face, telling me stuff was horribly wrong when it wasn’t (evil, wicked man).  I remember going to see the movie “300” with him (This! Is! ADMISSIONS!).  I remember sharing a classroom-turned-office with Geoff for a year while the Admissions suite was being renovated and throwing the occasional paper airplane over the divider that separated our work-spaces (but only very, very occasionally because we are, after all, professionals).  I remember him picking up the most delicious red velvet cake in creation from Cake Man Raven in Brooklyn for my 38th birthday party (don’t ask when that was).  And I will always remember all the times that Geoff had my back when I needed help, a quirky quip when I needed a laugh, a bit of chocolate when I was down, or just an open ear when I needed to blow off steam.

And…well.  Now he’s going back to Texas, from whence he sprung, and life at Juilliard will never be the same.  So Geoff--since parting really is a bittersweet sorrow, let us say “Peace out!” till it be morrow.

PS, Geoff: If I get to do any recruiting for The J in Houston, dinner’s on you.  Just sayin’.

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