An Olympic Quote - Audition Tip #2

I don't know about you, but I've been watching the Olympics almost every night.  Tuesday night was the Men's Figure Skating short program (I actually watched Wednesday - DVR is a wonderful thing!).  One of the U.S. skaters, Evan Lysacek, skated an unbelievable program - nailed absolutely everything.  In the last Winder Olympics, he totally bombed his short program - and found out later that he had the stomach flu and was severely dehydrated.  He placed 10th after the short program, then went on to complete 9 triple jumps in his long program, and moved up to 4th overall, just short of a medal. The commentators had spent a lot of the evening talking about how the achievement is to simply be able to go out and do exactly what they had done in their practice sessions while under the enormous pressure of the Olympics - sound familiar?

Scott Hamilton,  who was the last U.S. male skater to win both the World Championship and an Olympic gold, is one of the commentators for the skating events.  He said that Evan had asked him how he had prepared for the Olympics, and I thought that his response was phenomenal - and was also a great audition tip!

"Eliminate every would've, could've or should've - when you step on the ice at the Olympics [walk into your audition], know that you've done everything that you can to prepare for this moment." - Scott Hamilton

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