It's that time again...

After an extremely hectic September and October, with tons of on-campus events and lots of travel, it's hard to believe that the December 1 application deadline is fast approaching!  In fact, we've already had one application deadline - for the Artist Diploma in Opera Studies - and we'll be reviewing pre-screening recordings for that shortly, since the Opera Studies applicants audition in December.  Despite how crazy it is to have that earlier process for one program,  it's actually a good warm-up for the big deadline and hundreds and hundreds of recordings we get for the classical and jazz degree programs. Anyway, the hot topic on almost all music applicants minds right now is pre-screening.  Since I'm a big believe in "reduce, re-use and recycle", I though I'd send everyone reading this blog to one I wrote two years ago on pre-screening.  It's quite detailed, and only one thing has changed since then - we don't send out pre-screening results by mail any longer - only by email (if you've been reading our blogs,  you know that we went completely paperless last year).

So, here is Pre-Screening – putting your best musical foot forward!

See your application before December !

“I said it once before, but it bears repeating now…”*

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