Application Deadlines: Better late than never does not apply

It's the Wednesday after Thanksgiving, and as usual, applications are pouring in.The long weekend is the ideal time for students and their families to put the finishing touches on all of those applications with approaching deadlines, and we always see a surge of activity and tons of mail right after the holiday. Our application deadline is fast approaching - it's this Saturday, December 1st.So what exactly does this date mean, in terms of policy and procedures for the Office of Admissions?First of all, it means that the online application simply stops accepting applications after midnight on the 1st (actually, we turn it off at midnight Pacific Standard Time, which is 3:00 am New York time, so that all time zones in the U.S. have until midnight!).This makes it technically impossible to submit a late application online.Second, it means that post offices are hopping, because December 1 is also a post-mark deadline for both pre-screening materials and application fees (if you are paying by check, that is).If you live in an area where the post offices are not open on Saturday, please be sure that your pre-screening materials and/or check are mailed on Friday, because Monday, December 3 will be considered late (see my blog on pre-screening from November 8th).

Does Juilliard accept late applications?That's a complicated question.For music, the answer is basically no.If we receive an application fee postmarked after the deadline, even if the online application was submitted on time, we consider that application late.Since each applicant is scheduled for a unique audition time, we do have a finite number of audition spaces.Our first priority is to schedule applicants who submitted a complete application and application fee by the deadline.We won't process that late application until all the on time applicants have been assigned audition times (usually in mid-January).If there are any audition spaces available, we will then accept and process the late application.If all audition spaces are full, the application is not accepted and the application fee will be returned.

Dance and Drama have on occasion accepted late applications, because those divisions have one audition process, and multiple dates (and audition cities).If they have any dates which are not completely full with on-time applicants, they may accept a late application for that particular date and city. If you are reading this after December 1st, and want to inquire if these divisions will accept a late application, contact Katie Friis, Dance Admissions Coordinator, for Dance, or Kathy Hood, Administrative Director, Drama Division, for Drama. If it is still possible to submit a late application, you will be mailed a paper application (or emailed a PDF) to complete.

So, all that being said, good luck with completing your application, and please call us if you have any questions at all - 212/799-5000 x223!

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