Magic Tricks! and your online application

by Toni Rosenbaum, Admissions Receptionist In the spirit of Halloween, I’ve decided to take up fortune telling.

I will now attempt to read your minds….You’re thinking: “How will I know when my transcripts arrive?” “Were my recommenders able to submit their letters?” “Did you receive my TOEFL?” “Is my pre-screening CD safely in your office?”

I have the answers!

Perform the steps below and you can view everything that we have received:

Log back into your application Click on the “Track Status” Tab All of the materials you have turned in are magically recorded there

(Ok, it’s not magic – I record them as I receive them)

There’s only one catch: NOTHING is recorded until you actually submit your application.

And now… I will predict the future…

In about two weeks, we will get so much mail that it will be absolutely impossible for me to record everything as I receive it. Work-study students will tirelessly help me record and file everything away into your files. You will have to wait 1-3 weeks to see your materials appear in the “track status” section of your application file…

Alright - maybe I am just giving you information from my past experience… BUT it is good to remember as you log into your online application to check all of the parts of your application.

My fortune telling career is officially over – back to tracking your application parts!

Happy Halloween!!

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