Application Tip #1: File Sharing

This is one of the absolutely best tips that I received from a parent after Juilliard went paperless with the application process - Set up an email address and login that is only used for online applications, and that both the student and parent(s) can access.

All of us in Juilliard Admissions were totally happy going paperless - the amount of time spent printing applications, sorting them, filing, printing letters, making copies, signing letters (talk about repetitive stress syndrome!), filing those...a huge amount of administrative hours. However, there was something lost - the hard copy that arrives at a house, that the parents can read in addition to the student, so the parent can keep a file of information on each school - we heard frequently that parents didn't know their child's application status, audition date...lots of important information when the parent is doing stuff like making audition travel arrangements, etc.! Although we knew that we were sending out that information, it was landing in the student's inbox and not going any further.

Since you're applying to college and will be treated there as an independent adult, we do the same throughout the application and audition process. We don't send copies of information to parents and we don't send duplicate emails to parent email addresses - we only communicate with the actual applicant. So it's up to you to make sure that the folks who are helping you get through this year have all the information they need!

Application Tip #1B - remember that the schools can see your email address, and don't use anything silly (like, or

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