So You Think You Can Dance – Part III

Ok, so we are nearing the end of summer and your senior year looms large - it's almost time to start those college applications! Here are a few more things to keep in mind before all the craziness of applying and auditioning for college dance programs begins (if you missed the beginning parts of this blog series, click to read Part I and Part II):  

- APPLICATIONS: In this age of technology, it is standard to complete your college applications online. In fact, many schools participate in something called the Common Application, which lets you apply to a number of schools at once without having to re-enter all of your information. Juilliard does not participate in the Common Application, but we do have an online application which can be accessed here after September 1. Our application deadline is December 1. I cannot stress enough how important it is to adhere to each school's application deadline! Keeping track of deadlines, audition dates, and required materials (like SAT scores, transcripts, and letters of recommendation) can be daunting - may I suggest that you keep a spreadsheet with the requirements for each school?

- REQUIREMENTS TO BECOME A DANCE MAJOR: All colleges require an application for admission, but not all of them require an audition to be a dance major. Some schools simply allow you to declare your major once you are enrolled, or after your first year. Other schools might admit you to the overall college, but then you need to audition separately for the dance department. At Juilliard, a live audition is required of every applicant in dance before any admissions decisions are made. If you are admitted to Juilliard's Dance Division, then you are automatically a dance major. Juilliard does not offer any double majors or minors to dance students, and admitted students are generally preparing for professional dance performance and/or choreography careers. You can read more about the dance audition process here.

- AUDITION COMPONENTS: If the schools that you are applying to require an audition, be sure to check the what/where/when far in advance! Some schools will accept auditions via DVD, others require a live audition. Some schools require you to come to their campus to audition, and others hold auditions in several cities. Some schools audition year-round, or let you audition by taking a class with currently enrolled students, and other schools have strict audition time periods. Some auditions consist of a class given by a faculty member, and other auditions require you to come prepared with a solo. It's important that you are aware of each school's audition process, so be sure to read up on it far enough in advance so that you can take time to create your best audition DVD or solo. Juilliard's dance audition process can be found here.

I wish you all the best with your college applications and dance auditions! Let me know if you have any questions about Juilliard's Dance Division, or the application and audition process. I look forward to hearing from you!

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