Snow and other sad tales

What is the worst thing that can happen during an audition?  I'm sure from a student's perspective, it's falling on stage, or forgetting your music, or having your cello (that was shipped as luggage) not make it to your audition city. But for admissions staff at a school in the Northeast, with auditions in early March, it's a snow storm.

I don't watch the weather, usually - I'm the person who never has an umbrella, and who wears the pretty shoes on the day it snows.  But around audition time, I have up on my computer all day - tracking rain, tracking snow....hoping that the "March roars in like a lion" will be a bit delayed, or not happen at all.

Two years ago, we had a massive snow storm around our drama audition callback weekend.  Miraculously, everyone made it in - though a few students drove hours and hours, missing the first day of the callback, because of cancelled flights.

And this year, it has happened again.  A massive blizzard, dumping up to a foot of snow in some areas.  New York only got about 6 inches, but no matter, because flights were cancelled, buses were cancelled, trains were delayed, and in general just getting to New York was virtually impossible for about 12 hours.

So, my day was spent running around after phone calls, emails, delayed applicants, lost instruments (yes, both a cello and a bass were lost in transit), re-scheduling applicants, notifying faculty, and in general trying to make sense in a whirlwind.  Somehow, though, in all of the craziness, only 6 people today didn't make it to their audition - 6 out of about 200.  So in the end, perhaps, it was not at all as bad as it could have been.  But the potential of it was the worst stress - trying to come up with contingency plans, trying to calm down the many frantic phone calls, and at the same time trying to keep the auditions running smoothly and calmly for everyone who was here!

I am hoping that the rest of the week will be easier - at least a bit less frantic so my poor feet can make it until Friday.   And I hope that everyone makes it here safely, and has the best audition experience that we can give them.

To end my sad tale, I leave you all with some wonderful song lyrics that I heard recently at our 3rd Year Drama Cabaret.  I love attending the cabaret - our drama students may not all have the most beautiful voices (though so many do!), but they can tell a story like nobody's business!  The young man who sang this song (from a musical, "Violet", that I had never heard of) rocked the room with a moving, soulful and completely heartfelt rendition that has stayed with me for days - perhaps you'll understand why just from reading the words.

You gotta give it room and let it, let it sing You gotta give it room and let it sing Oh you gotta lift up your voice and sing Got some years ahead to go You’ll go free if you take it slow Got some years it won’t be long You’ll be free to sing your song

Oh boy you got left, right Oh boy

There's precious little really folks like us control You can make your music from the simplest thing And though no one has got to tend your soul You’ve got to give it room and let it Let it sing, oh You’ve got to give it room and let it Sing

You’ve got to let it sing, oh You got to let it sing You got to give it room And let it sing.

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