Admissions Recycles

We have been terribly neglectful of our blog in recent weeks - buried under with having two auditions periods (January and March) this year, which has turned out to much crazier that we could have ever imagined! With our February/March auditions starting in less than a week, I thought we should recycle some of the amazing blogs that were written last year - they are still completely relevant, interesting and entertaining!

So - here are some great audition tips....

And here are some more....

And here are some wonderful thoughts from the Senior Assistant Director for Music Admissions....

And finally, I'd like to share these thoughtful and encouraging words about being on the other side of the audition experience, from one of our bassoon faculty, Dr. Frank Morelli:

"We want people to do well - we're not sitting there waiting to be able to criticize someone, or say 'ah - that's it - they don't have a chance!'  We sit there waiting to hear another wonderful young player, who we know they and their families have spent years preparing for this moment.  I take [these auditions] with a great deal of seriousness, and try to take [them] with kindness - to be thinking kindly as well."

All of us here wish for you that your audition at Juilliard is truly absolutely the best performance you can have - that you know that you have represented yourself and your talent to the best of your abilities!

Guess who?

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