Another reason that I love New York City

This morning, I was on the subway at a ridiculously early hour, on my way to work for our January auditions.  Many train drivers are quiet, and don't use the P.A. system except to announce delays, etc.  But sometimes, you ride a train with a driver who is feeling chatty. So, I'm sitting down, a little bleary-eyed (having had only one cup of coffee before leaving my house), and the driver says:

"This is the 1 train to South Ferry.  Next stop, 96th Street.  [Long Pause]  And just a reminder, this is a very special day today.  Today is the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. and tomorrow we get a new president.  Happy Holiday, and God bless America."

Thank you, Mr. Driver, whoever you are.

Another reason that I love New York City II

“…this sinking feeling scares me…”*