“…this sinking feeling scares me…”*

By: Mónia C. Estima, Senior Assistant Director for Music Admissions And we're back from the holiday break. (OK, we got back on Jan. 5th but it's been hella busy and this is the first chance I've had to write.) (Yes, I do know that "hella" is, like, SOOO five years ago.)

Auditions for 12 music departments are due to take place over the next two weekends. While the rest of my colleagues in Admissions prepare audition forms and whatnot for those, I'm working on e-mailing and scheduling the roughly 1000 music applicants we expect for March auditions.

::Mónia's heart seizes::

No, I'm fine. Really.

Stressed? Who, me? Nah, that's crazy talk, everything's going along swimmingly, why--

::Mónia sees pretty pink eighth notes doing the can-can along her wall::

Hmmm, that's curious. Never seen anything quite like that be--

::Mónia smells coffee brewing, even though there's no coffee-maker in the Admissions Suite::

Mmmm, I could use another cuppa...what, I've only had about 6 today so--

::Mónia hears the cannon shots from the 1812 Overture::

Now that's just weird; I'm listening to streaming online radio on www.krock2.com and there's no way they'd be playing Tchaikovsky (unless it was part of some really sick mash-up or remix or something).

::Mónia realizes she's hallucinating again and gives herself a good shake::

Look, it's ok, right? We'll audition about 400 applicants this month, plow along in February to prepare for March auditions, and everyone's going to be ok; us, applicants, moms/dads/guardians/significant others/pretty pink eighth notes... Right?


To all of you cool cats auditioning in January: bassoonists, clarinetists, bassists, flutists, horn players, harpists, oboists, percussionists, ‘bones (tenor and bass), trumpeters, and tuba players---we salute you!

Good luck everybody! And, you know, if you too start seeing/smelling/hearing things that aren't real, don't fret; this too shall pass.

*The title for this blog was fished from "The Flame," by Arcadia (a sub-division, if you will, of Duran Duran).

Another reason that I love New York City

“Now the time has come…the music’s between us…”*