Summer Plans

Summer Plans

SUMMER IS HERE AND I AM READY TO RELAX! After this busy, wonderful, crazy, action-packed, sweet second year at Juilliard, summer seems like a brilliant light that is just around the corner and I CANNOT WAIT. This summer I am going home to Los Angeles to see my family and hometown friends and enjoy some nice quiet time on the beach. I am so proud of everything I have managed to accomplish this year and am looking forward to accomplishing much more soon, but for now, I plan to spend time with my LA peeps for a month.

After this month, I will be headed back to NYC in mid-June to participate in the Baroque Opera Workshop here in NYC at Queens College. Also, after this program, I will be headed to Purchase College to sing at the Teatro Nuovo program, also here in NYC. Once all this magical music making is done, I will be headed back to the dorms to prepare for my job as an RA! I am so excited to take on this job and meet some of you new incoming students and help guide you all on your personal Juilliard journeys.

In addition to these summer plans, here are 4 things I plan to improve on over the summer:

1) Fitness


I really hope to get in shape this summer. I feel like it is so important to be healthy and strong in order to succeed. While I am not completely out of health, I feel like I used to be much stronger and I would like to improve this in order to have more energy to be productive and accomplish more.


2) Connections/Relationships


This summer, I would like to spend some time reaching out to colleagues, friends, and family in order to reconnect and create new connections. I already have a great circle around me, but I would like to expand the number of people in my life now that I am working hard and living my life.


3) Wardrobe

Girl, I am going to be 20 years old this summer. I can no longer look like a teenager. The wardrobe NEEDS to be fixed. I plan on doing some modifications of clothing that I already have and doing a little shopping for new and improved clothing that doesn't make me look like I watch SpongeBob... Even though like of course I do...


4) Social Media


Another goal of mine is to get my social media cleaned up with new YouTube videos, Instagram posts, and more postings of my singing journey. I feel like this is an important aspect of my life which needs to be dealt with now.

Thank you so much for reading. Till next time!




One for the Books

One for the Books

Juries and exams, winding down for the year.

Juries and exams, winding down for the year.