Juries and exams, winding down for the year.

Juries and exams, winding down for the year.

This year is finally coming to an end and I am very ready for Jury week to be over! During this week, it is very easy to feel the tension throughout the school of preparation, excitement, and nerves. This week consists of completely booked practice rooms, lots of coffee, and many Snapchats that contain images of worry and exhaustion but as soon as these juries are over, it will be time to relax and enjoy the sunshine.


After juries and some time in the sun, it will be time for finals. Here are my 5 top tips to prepare for final week:


1) Organize EVERYTHING


As final week approaches, it is important to begin organizing your ENTIRE year's worth of notes, assignments, past quizzes, and tests. I know this may seem obvious, but if you wait until the last minute, you might realize how much information you are missing or have forgotten too late. Cramming is the LAST thing you want to do!


2) Adjust your sleep schedule


When I was a freshman, I made the big mistake of studying all night prior to my theory exam and ended up waking up 20 minutes after the exam had already begun. I ran to class and I still ended up doing well because I had studied so hard, but not being prepared with a solid sleep schedule was extremely stressful and could have avoided me a lot of last minute anxiety.


3) Take study breaks!


Don't keep yourself trapped in your room during the week before finals. I know you might be trying to convince yourself that you will do better if you stay focused and away from others, but I promise your mind will actually explode. This year, I have been planning around my study schedule in order to keep my mind from going nuts. I have gone to the park with my bestie Aleea, I went to dinner with a group of friends, and I even went to see a movie. This has helped me so far this week to dive right back into my studies without feeling the exhaustion of being constantly overwhelmed by final studies.


4) Don't wait until the last minute.


I know you might be organizing your study guide or getting things in order, but don't wait until the last minute to actually start studying. I have made this mistake plenty of times and despite being very well organized, I still would have to stay up all night in order to actually learn and memorize the material I have been organizing the entire week. Make sure to do your work in small sections so that you can learn as you go through your material, leaving less work to do as you go along.


5) Be kind to yourself


Surround yourself with positivity and energetic study buddies. These can be hard to find, but I promise they do exist. It is SO important to keep yourself feeling happy and at ease so that panic mode stays as far away as possible. Being kind to yourself will give you the benefit of performing better on your exams once they come around. This is because you won't be shutting down from exhaustion nor will you be panicking from extra stress in general.


I hope these tips will help get you through this week of finals or whenever your week of finals is. Keep your head up and do your very best. You've worked hard all year, so now is the time to show off what you've learned.

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