Warm Weather

Warm Weather

WARM WEATHER! What a blessing huh? I am so excited for the sunshine, warmth, happy energy and more! In this wonderful time, it is important to keep distractions to a minimum in order to stay productive. I know that I will be organizing as much as possible in order to finish off the year with a bang. I tried to take care of myself as much as possible and keep myself healthy happy and in a very productive State of Mind in order to be successful in my classes and my work. Here are five ways that I keep distractions to a minimum during the week.


#1) Use your Do Not Disturb button on the phone. So often these days we feel as though we need to respond immediately to messages or notifications sent by friends and random apps we have on our phones. It may seem funny, but we actually don't need to be on our technological devices every second of every single day. Shocking I know. Using the Do Not Disturb button especially for set amounts of time which you can set on your stopwatch, allows you to get the tasks that you need to do done without distracting you with notifications that could be answered later on.


#2) Plan for you! In order to not to be distracted by the outside world finally looking so nice after all the snow and dark clouds, leave yourself some time to relax and rejuvenate with time in the sunshine. Allowing yourself that break will keep you from being distracted while working and feeling as though you don't get to enjoy the outside as everyone else might.


#3) Clean your room. While it's looking so nice outside, it may look like a disaster tornado just came through your room and left everything in shambles. You want your room to look pleasant and inviting so that you don't feel like you have to get out of there in order to feel better. Create a nice workplace for yourself that is organized, neat, and motivational to you so that you can stay feeling focused and happy while being inside.


#4) Create to do lists which you can break down into smaller tasks in order to get the work done that you need to do. Maybe decide a set amount of time that you will work in order to reward yourself by going outside or using your phone after you're finished. This to do list can include things that you need to do for school, work, or preparing for something else. Just make sure you get it done before allowing yourself to relax so that the rewards stays applicable.


#5) Drink Water!! In these weather patterns that go from cold to hot and cloudy to sunny, make sure you drink a lot of water and get the much needed extra sleep in order to feel healthy and happy and in order to be productive. It's so important not to let yourself fall into an old routine that won't work for the same for the new circumstances. This way you'll be able to be happy and ready to enjoy the new weather.

Thanks so much for reading!

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Racing to the Finish

Racing to the Finish