Year in Review

Year in Review


LAST BLOG OF THE YEAR! It’s hard to believe that this is the last blog of the school year! I have had such an amazing time blogging my experiences at Juilliard for the last two years. This year I have been faced with so many amazing opportunities, experiences, and, of course, my fair share of challenges. This week’s blogs I’ll get to discuss some of these things and a few things I’m looking forward to in 2018-19.


Fun in the City!

I’ve gotten to do some really cool things in the city this year! If you’re a follower of my blogs, you’ll know that I’m an avid theatre geek. This year I’ve gotten to see 32 Broadway shows, 14 operas at the Met, 3 Juilliard operas, 2 Juilliard plays, a New York Philharmonic Concert, and more! I love living in a city that is accessible to the arts. This year I also picnicked in Central Park, tried a lot of new restaurants, and got to explore a lot of new places around the city. I’m looking forward to exploring more in 2018-2019.


Academic Challenge

This year was full of academic challenges. I took 23 credits in my first semester and 21 credits in my second semester! This was a big challenge in terms of time management, but I am really proud of my strides towards keeping an efficient schedule. Every day I feel like I gain new tools that have helped me grow as a musician. I have a lot to keep learning, but I’m proud of how far I have come this year.



This year was full of performance opportunities. I performed in 2 operas, 3 recitals, a benefit concert, a gala, and a musical theatre cabaret. I also placed in two vocal competitions and learned a lot about myself as a performer. I’ve really learned to center myself before a performance and tackle my nerves in a way to help me perform at my fullest. This summer, I get to travel to Germany to study and then I will be back at Juilliard in the fall!


Looking Forward to Next Year

In 2018-2019, I will look forward to a lighter class load, more performance opportunities, and more exploring in NYC! In the fall, I will make my Juilliard role debut and I will work towards managing my schedule. There are a lot of things that have yet to be announced, but I’m so excited to be working on them soon!


To those of you who will be making Juilliard your home this fall, GET READY! You’re about to embark on some of the best (and most challenging) years of your life! Enjoy your summer and we look forward to seeing you in the fall!